The Fiat

The Fiat

The Fiat Wine Club includes:


  • 3 bottles of wine currated for you.

  • 10% discount on all wine purchases at Bar Cicotti.

  • Priority reservations and discount for in-house events.

  • 1 lb of fresh pasta at pick-up with a seasonal recipe.

If you love the wine we select for you, and would like to purchase more, we may be able to place a special order (depending on availability) as they are exclusive to the wine club.

If the Bar Cicotti Wine club is at maximum capacity you will be placed on a waiting list. 

Pickup is the first Tuesday/Wednesday of each month begining at 3pm. We will send you an email reminder to confirm the date and times of the pick-up dates.

    Price Options
    The Fiat
    $100.00monthly/ auto-renew

    Cin Cin!